Principal Associate

Michael L. Piazza

Instructor and Consultant

Michael is the Principal Associate and lead consultant of Professional Development Associates (PDA) and is the managing editor and publisher of the PDA websites. His education includes a BBA in Accountancy, a Masters of Accountancy Degree, and an MBA Degree. The majority of Michael's career has been devoted to professional and organizational development with a focus in instruction and consulting in internal control, governance and related organizational applications. Michael has served the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in various capacities for nearly four decades: Staff Instructor 1980-85; Consultant 1986-1992 and 2003-2008; Committee of Research and Education Advisors Member 2011-2013; IIA Central Mississippi Chapter Vice President then President 2004-2006.

Michael began PDA in 1996 providing performance management and internal control consulting to over 30 state agencies and regional companies. He resumed his international travel in 2003 as a consulting instructor for The Institute of Internal Auditors serving private and public sector organizations. As an instructor, Michael's specialties are: the COSO based internal control framework and applications; operational auditing; internal audit processes and supervision.

In response to the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) release of the updated Internal Control Integrated Framework of May 2013, Michael created and published a web site dedicated to the new framework: The site is a comprehensive resource offering detailed information of the framework, its components, concepts and principles and contains an array of course offerings on the COSO 2013 framework.

Michael provided organizational development and control consulting to Jackson State University (Jackson, MS), Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA) and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (Los Angeles, CA), working with Principal Investigators and Administrators to enhance and improve compliance controls and business processes, including serving as the chief administrator pioneering the creation and development of the Research Centers in Minority Institutions Translational Research Network (

As an IIA staff member, Michael served The Institute of Internal Auditors throughout the 1980's in various roles as a Seminar Instructor, Conference Presenter and Program Manager. His manager roles included Manager of College and University Relations, Manager of Continuing Professional Development, Manager of Media Assisted Programs.

After his tenure as staff member and consultant to The IIA, Michael returned to his home state and spent the 1990's as an executive and then as a consultant to state government of Mississippi. He served in various executive capacities including State Policy Director and Director of Compensation for the Mississippi State Personnel Department, and Deputy Director for the Mississippi Arts Commission. He left staff work creating PDA and performed as a consultant to 30+ agencies in performance management and control.

Michael created The Seventh Code as a case study when he was the business process consultant on a major database development that combined the payroll and personnel systems of over 120 state agencies. Over time, as the case became popular with his colleagues, he developed it into a fictional suspense novel of 14 chapters. The Seventh Code has been read by over 2,000 auditors who have really enjoyed the story and its turns.


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